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Wool is a natural and renewable raw material and, as such, is particularly environmentally friendly, while also displaying special characteristics that offer a plethora of advantages...

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Become a part of the process

Sometimes you need something unique, different and tailor-made for you and your requirements. Together we can make your idea come true with the help of our experts.


Contact us and let us know your wishes, needs and ideas, while we provide information on commercial terms and conditions, production details, delivery and fitting options, etc...



You can visit Regeneracija and design your own carpet along with our designers



After coming up with and settling on an idea, we will draft a sketch of the prospective carpet and submit it for review



We will create a small pattern per your request to make sure that you approve of the prospective carpet's quality and colour



Upon greenlighting the sketch and pattern, we will determine a delivery time, usually within 30 days of the confirmation date, and commence production



Following the completion of the carpet within the agreed-upon deadline, our sales staff will inform you of this and the carpet will be delivered to your address FREE OF CHARGE (valid for the territory of the Republic of Croatia)

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When purchasing a carpet, it is important to take into account its relative size compared to the other pieces of furniture and the room in which it will be placed, so that it can meet aesthetic and functional criteria. To aid you in your decision, we offer advice that might be helpful and that you can download here.

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