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Regalerija is a newly established company for the production of "custom made" carpets and tapestries. Only the name of the company and the work space are new, and the tradition of carpet production in Zabok goes back a long way.

Carpets began to be produced in the reGALLERY as far back as 1967, when the company operated through the Zagorje wool fabric industry (ZIVT), a little later through the company Zivtex, and finally continued under the auspices of Regeneracija. What is most important is that we have preserved the technology and know-how of handcrafting carpets. Throughout the years, company has collaborated with renowned Croatian and international artists, architects and designers with various backgrounds, yielding lasting cultural value and producing top-notch wool carpets and tapestries. Over the years, they have become fixtures in various tourist accommodation establishments, commercial buildings and private homes in Croatia and abroad.


The participation of company and 14 Croatian artists in the Picasso and New Tapestry exhibition, with around 30 large tapestries made by the company, was hailed as a "miraculous transformation" of a paintbrush sketch into a textile mural. The exhibition, which was a joint endeavour of the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Paris Art Centre, put the company on the global cultural map. The largest tapestry in the world was made in the late 1980s, which is documented in Guinness World Records. The motifs of the 1,242 m2 tapestry named the History of Iraq depict 3,000 years of the history and culture of the aforementioned country.

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Frane Delale drafted the sketch used to make the History of Iraq tapestry. It took 6 months to complete the tapestry, which was then fitted by the company's team in Baghdad.

For years, this breathtaking tapestry adorned one of the palaces in Baghdad, though following events in subsequent years, we have been unable to learn the fate of this masterpiece.

The 1990s and early 2000s were highlighted by our partnership with the German company CoDesigners, which enabled our business to become an international presence, with our products becoming fixtures in tourism, business and private premises across Europe.

Company still operates in Germany under that brand name. Another important project for us, named Self-Portraits, was initiated in 2013 and includes collaborations with contemporary artists, architects and designers with the aim of keeping the creative spirit and the tradition of collaborating with artists alive, much like notable Croatian visual artists did in the 1970s and 1980s.

The CoDesigners carpets, as well as those from the Self-Portraits project, are displayed in our Regallery.



Years of experience and preserving traditional production have established reGALERIJA as a company that specialises in crafting hand-tufted wool carpets. Our first-rate master carpet weavers can meet all client demands within a reasonable timeframe.

reGALERIJA also pays special attention to the quality of the embedded materials and meticulous craftsmanship. By complying with the quality standards 9001, 14001 and 45001 throughout the entire production process and caring about what we do, we stand behind every one of our products and offer a guarantee of durability to further protect your purchase.


Besides the carpets available in our gallery, we also offer tailor-made carpets and assistance from our designers and sales staff. When a client decides on a carpet designed according to their special individual wishes, several steps are required for the implementation of the process.

This allows us to customize the carpet within the spatial framework of each project, while occasionally deviating from the shapes and items that are regularly used as floor decorations.

The design can have a modern or classical, that is traditional, slant, or can amalgamate both these characteristics.

We take great pride in the fact that the entire production process, from yarn preparation and dyeing to manufacturing and finishing, takes place in plants located in Zabok, which employ the local populace.

It should also be noted that we strive to obtain raw and other auxiliary materials from the local market as much as possible.

With our own dye-house, which is an integral part of the carpet manufacturing process, we are a rare example of a company that, in addition to the design, production and fitting services, provides virtually unlimited options in the selection of original dyes that are made in our laboratory.

Another thing that sets apart reGALERIJA when it comes to carpet manufacturing is the production of our own felted yarn implemented in the Touch collection, which boasts high tenacity, an eye-catching appearance and high comfort.

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